Magical Mashups, Vol. 2
Magical Mashups, Vol. 2
Magical Mashups, Vol. 2

Magical Mashups, Vol. 2

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If you thought you knew Magical Mashups, think again!

This highly anticipated sequel to our first Mashups album takes even more of your favorites and combines them in unique ways you didn't think possible.

Crossovers featuring pop music or other films? Of course. Using instruments instead of just sticking to a cappella? You bet. 

This new album seamlessly blends genres, production styles, and emotions to bring you an album you can enjoy alone or with the entire family.

  1. Start of Something New / Try Everything
  2. Go the Distance / Journey to the Past
  3. Hakuna Matata / Bare Necessities
  4. Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Rewrite the Stars
  5. So Close / Perfect (Ed Sheeran)
  6. Friend Like Me / Friends on the Other Side
  7. How Does a Moment Last Forever / The Place Where Lost Things Go
  8. A Whole New World / I See the Light
  9. You've Got a Friend in Me / If I Didn't Have You
  10. When Can I See You Again / In This Place