Magical Mashups, Vol. 3
Magical Mashups, Vol. 3
Magical Mashups, Vol. 3

Magical Mashups, Vol. 3

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It's here! We close our trilogy of Magical Mashups with this deluxe album that includes two bonus tracks! Complete your collection with our best compilation of Magical favorites yet!

Crossovers featuring pop music or other animated films, superstar collabs, and a mix of instrumental and a cappella will have your whole family singing along!

This new album seamlessly blends genres, production styles, and emotions to bring you an album you can enjoy alone or with the entire family.

  1. Zuka Zama/Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride feat. Zanna and members of Rise Up Children's Choir
  2. Touch the Sky/Wind in My Hair
  3. Speechless/Loyal Brave True
  4. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes/Once Upon a Dream
  5. I Won't Say I'm in Love/Kiss the Girl
  6. Baby Mine/La La Lu
  7. Daisies/A Million Dreams feat. Amy Whitcomb
  8. Lost in the Woods/You'll Be Back
  9. Be Our Guest/Les Poission/Le Festin
  10. Let it Go Into the Unknown feat. Rise Up Children's Choir
  11. *Bonus Track* Part of Your World/Out There (music video versioin)
  12. *Bonus Track* You'll Be in My Heart/Remember Me feat. The Hound + The Fox